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It’s the twenty-first century: multitasking is a way of life. Cell phones, laptops and tablets and their ever-expanding networks, apps and programs make it so we can almost always be doing at least two things at once. You send an e-mail while you’re out to lunch. You call your clients while you’re finishing up that presentation. You send your brother a birthday e-card while you’re walking to your next appointment. Technology allows us to stay connected to the people and things we care about. It also creates a world where work and play are constantly overlapping — where creativity, productivity and recreation often go hand-in-hand. With that in mind, Windows 8.1 has been designed to bring you one operating system that can handle all of life’s demands — no matter what it throws at you. Whether you’re at work, at play or just looking for some inspiration, Windows 8.1 is there to deliver.
Windows 8.1 personalizes your experience so can work and play in a way that allows you to access what truly matters to you. Beginning at your Start screen, you see a new layout that features your favorite news, friends, social networks and apps. You can customize colors, backgrounds and tile sizes to make your device unique to you. You can even access your familiar Windows desktop with just one click, so all the features you love are never far away. All your old apps, files and settings easily transfer and run on Windows 8.1. Your productivity will reach new heights thanks to Windows 8.1’s ability to work harmoniously with your devices, whether they are touch screen or mouse-and-keyboard. You can stay connected to important photos and files by accessing them on your phone, tablet or PC with SkyDrive. Just sign in to your Microsoft account and your desktop will appear with all your personal preferences and settings so you can keep working wherever you are. In addition to the enhanced built-in apps and features, you can also discover more of your favorite apps with access to the Windows Store, which puts Netflix, ESPN, Skype, Halo: Spartan Assault, and other features conveniently at your fingertips. The new Windows 8.1 also makes searching, browsing and sharing faster and safer than ever. Use your device’s power more efficiently for quick start-ups and app-switching as you stay up to date with security features, including Windows Defender, Windows Firewall and Windows Update. Life won’t wait, so why should you? Access what is important to you — your way — so you get the best of work and play with Windows 8.1.


Bring the separate aspects of your life together on one PC with an operating system that gives you the power to play games, watch movies, polish your resume, prepare a presentation and more by organizing up to three apps on your screen in a single view

Customize the start screen that welcomes you exactly the way you want it with your favorite friends, social networks, news and apps in your preferred colors and backgrounds with four different tile sizes

Download thousands of popular apps from the Windows Store, such as Netflix, ESPN, Skype, Halo: Spartan Assault and more to add to the already built-in e-mail, people, photos and video editing apps for an app experience tailored to you

Discover smooth, harmonious compatibility with touch, mouse-and-keyboard or both with fast and fluid ways to switch between apps, move things around and transition from one place to another

Enjoy complete connectivity to your important files through SkyDrive, which allows you to sign in to your Microsoft account on your phone, tablet or PC and immediately see your own background, display preferences, settings and files

Experience Office, not available with Windows 8, allowing new and better ways to browse, create and edit

Click into the familiar Windows desktop to access the classic setup and do things the way you’ve always done them, or enjoy the new multitasking ability and snap apps side-by-side in a single view to do more at once

Keep your PC and your information protected with Windows Defender, Windows Firewall and Windows Update

Experience faster startup times, faster transitions between apps and more efficient use of power than previous versions of Windows, while maintaining all of the files and programs you used on Windows 7